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Subway line to be constructed under ancient Roman ruins, including Colosseum

A long-delayed and complex project to bring a subway line under ancient Roman ruins and through Rome’s historic center has entered a crucial phase, with the digging of an 280-foot deep retaining wall around the flagship station. During a tour Thursday of the construction site at Piazza Venezia, chief engineer Andrea Sciotti said work on the nearly $3.3 billion project, …

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Brazilian dance craze created by Rio youths officially recognized as 'intangible cultural heritage'

It all started with nifty leg movements, strong steps backwards and forwards, paced to Brazilian funk music. Then it adopted moves from break dancing, samba, capoeira, frevo — whatever was around. The passinho, a dance style created in the 2000s by kids in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, was declared in March to be an “intangible cultural heritage” by legislators in …

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Significance of Michelangelo’s 'David' statue is being diminished by souvenirs, Italian curators say

Michelangelo’s David has been a towering figure in Italian culture since its completion in 1504. But in the current era of the quick buck, curators worry the marble statue’s religious and political significance is being diminished by the thousands of refrigerator magnets and other souvenirs sold around Florence focusing on David’s genitalia. The Galleria dell’Accademia’s director, Cecilie Hollberg, has positioned …

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