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Reddit user whose boyfriend is mysteriously uninvited to wedding speaks out, finds solid support

A Reddit user accused of “ruining” her cousin’s wedding after her boyfriend was uninvited was right to think the situation was a little odd and to speak up about it, said other users on the platform as well as an etiquette expert this week. “AITA for, apparently, ruining my cousin’s wedding?” asked Reddit user “Lusse-Eldalion” in a recent post on …

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'Armed man' on Scottish train turned out to be 'Star Wars' stormtrooper cosplayer

A Scottish man dressed as a “Star Wars” character caused a brief stir on a train after it was falsely reported that he was armed. “Was on the train to Dundee for DeeCon in my stormtrooper [costume],” wrote a man known as “Grampian Stormtrooper” on Facebook on April 6. On the page, Grampian Stormtrooper described himself as a “stormtrooper with …

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