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From 'end times' to 'karmic multiplier,' this is how religions traditionally view a solar eclipse

Throughout history, solar eclipses have had profound impact on adherents of various religions around the world. They were viewed as messages from God or spiritual forces, inducing emotions ranging from dread to wonder. Ahead of the total solar eclipse that will follow a long path over North America on Monday, here’s a look at how several of the world’s major …

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Buddhists use karmic healing against California city's anti-Asian past

For one afternoon, on Antioch’s main street and tranquil riverbank, the fragrance of burning incense was paired with the sound of Buddhist and Tao chants. Their cumulative calming energy was meant to be a balm of sorts to soothe the racial and religious hate that cast a shadow on Antioch’s legacy. Antioch’s dark past, specifically its horrific mistreatment of early …

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