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ADHD affects 1 in 9 kids in US, new report reveals: ‘Shame and stigma’

Diagnoses of ADHD continue to rise among U.S. youth, affecting one in every nine U.S. kids. Approximately 11.4% of U.S. children (7.1 million) have received an ADHD diagnosis at some point, and 10.5% (6.5 million) currently have the disorder, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Researchers analyzed data from the 2022 National Survey …

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Listening to 'pink noise' could improve sleep and memory, early research shows

You may have heard of white noise used to mask background sounds. Now, it has colorful competition. There’s a growing buzz around pink noise, brown noise, green noise — a rainbow of soothing sounds — and their theoretical effects on sleep, concentration and relaxation response. The science is new with only a few small studies behind it, but that hasn’t …

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