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HomerussiaXi gushes over 'dear friend' Putin as duo meet in China

Xi gushes over ‘dear friend’ Putin as duo meet in China

Sino-Russian relationships were at the forefront on Wednesday as the leaders of China and Russia met in Beijing for the first time since the Ukrainian invasion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Beijing, China, this week to meet with his closest ally on the world stage, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“The political mutual trust between the two countries is continuously deepening,” Xi said, according to state media outlet Xinhua news agency.

During the call, Putin offered his condolences over the considerable number of deaths, with over 1,300 Israelis dying on Oct. 7 when Hamas-led terrorists poured into the country in a brutal attack against Israel.

China has been tepid in taking sides following the Hamas-led terror attacks on Israel.

Israeli officials complained early into the conflict that China offered “no clear and unequivocal condemnation of the terrible massacre committed by the terrorist organization Hamas against innocent civilians and the abduction of dozens of them to Gaza.”

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