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US troops in Iraq targeted by drones, marking 25th attack in past 2 weeks: report

U.S. forces in western Iraq were targeted in another drone attack early Tuesday morning, according to a report, marking the latest in a string of assaults on American troops in the Middle East as the Israel-Hamas war continues.

Two armed drones were used against Iraq’s Ain al-Asad airbase, Reuters reported, citing a security source and a government source. The base hosts international troops that assist Iraq in defeating a terror group called the Daesh, or the Islamic State. No casualties or damage were reported.

Tuesday’s attack would make the 25th on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17. The attacks have included a mix of one-way drones and rockets, resulting in the death of an American contractor and 24 injured troops, according to U.S. defense officials.

The attacks have increased in recent weeks as President Biden and other senior leaders continue to express support for Israel and its right to defend itself after one of the worst terror attacks in decades left more than 1,400 people dead, including 34 Americans.

“The United States does not seek conflict and has no intention nor desire to engage in further hostilities, but these Iranian-backed attacks against U.S. forces are unacceptable and must stop,” Austin said. “Iran wants to hide its hand and deny its role in these attacks against our forces. We will not let them. If attacks by Iran’s proxies against U.S. forces continue, we will not hesitate to take further necessary measures to protect our people.”

Countries that have lost people in the war

Nationals from at least 39 countries have died in Israel’s war with Hamas, which started after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel’s border on Oct. 7 and slaughtered 1,400 people. (Government Press Office)

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, more than 30 Americans have been killed in the conflict, which has also claimed lives of citizens from 38 other countries.

Fox News Digital’s Liz Friden contributed to this report.


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