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US removes mention of Iran from draft UN resolution on Israel-Hamas war over Russian demands

A U.S.-sponsored draft resolution on the Israel-Hamas war that was expected to be voted on at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday includes no mention of Iran, the main patron of the Hamas and Hezbollah terror organizations. 

The original draft resolution had called on Iran to stop funding terror groups, according to a Saturday report from Reuters. The first draft resolution, since obtained by Fox News Digital, stated that “Iran must cease the export of all arms and related matériel to armed militias and terrorist groups threatening peace and security across the region, including Hamas …”

The latest version – which was expected to be voted on Tuesday, but negotiations are ongoing – features no mention of Iran, however. Fox News Digital obtained a copy of the latest draft resolution that “Urges Member States to intensify their efforts to suppress the financing of terrorism, including by restricting financing of Hamas through applicable national-level authorities, in accordance with international law and consistent with Resolution 2482 (2019).”

“I think it’s fair to say when you see this uptick in activity in attacks by many of these groups, there’s Iranian fingerprints all over it,” the defense official said.

Fox News’ Peter Aitken and Greg Wehner contributed to this report.

Kyle Morris covers politics for Fox News. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @RealKyleMorris.


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