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US had over 180 risky interactions with Chinese aircraft over last 2 years, DOD warns

The U.S. Department of Defense is telling the media that aircraft are experiencing an uptick in “coercive and risky” interactions with Chinese planes.

DOD officials outlined the trend at a press conference Tuesday and provided newly declassified photos and videos of relevant incidents.

“Since the fall of 2021, we have seen more than 180 such incidents,” said Assistant Defense Secretary for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner. “More in the past two years than in the decade before that. That’s nearly 200 cases where PLA operators have performed reckless maneuvers or discharged chaff or shot off flares or approach to rapidly or too close to U.S. aircraft.”

The commander continued, “I’m here today because it’s the operational commander’s number one responsibility to ensure the safety of our servicemembers, and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. So highlighting these behaviors and ensuring that we can prevent them is a top priority.”

The DOD did not offer a clear definition of “coercive” and “risky” behavior, compared to the usual language of “unsafe” or “unprofessional.”

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