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Survivor of Hamas terrorists hid in a greenhouse for 16 hours with no food, water: ‘I feel like I’m gonna die’

On Oct. 7, 2023, at around 6:30 in the morning, a barrage of missiles bombarded Israel. 

Around the same time, terrorists paraglided into a music festival for peace. Hundreds of attendees stood alongside friends and family members dancing, singing and celebrating life at an outdoor venue decorated with music and neon lights. Within minutes, hundreds of attendees were slaughtered by Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group. Later that morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas

“We hear a lot of bombs,” said Laura Malo to Fox News Digital. Malo was born in Colombia but presently lives in Israel. She was one of the hundreds of innocent victims of the terrorist attack on the festival, but she, unlike so many others, narrowly escaped with her life.

Survivor of Hamas terrorists touches on how she barely escaped the barrage of missiles on Oct. 7 Video

Malo continues to fear for her life, running away from and hiding at the sound of sirens and missiles. She continues to be away from her parents, away from her work, away from her home, and she implores Jewish people to unite.

“I think that people that stand with terrorists are terrorists,” she said. “I think that people that stand with people that kill people, that kill babies, that kill, that take and rape girls, they make a celebration of all this, it’s disgusting.”

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