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Scotland offers to become 1st UK country to accept Gazan refugees, faces online backlash amid Israel-Hamas war

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf offered for the country to be the first in the United Kingdom to accept Gazan refugees amid the Israel-Hamas war. 

Yousaf drew swift condemnation on social media, as even Arab nations like Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt – some of which have taken strong stances against Israel – simultaneously have opposed taking Palestinian refugees amid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza because of vetting concerns about who of them might be affiliated with terrorist groups. 

Some users on social media went even further, arguing against bringing in Palestinian refugees who they said grow up being taught to hate Jews and oppose Israel’s right to exist. 

Speaking before the Scottish National Party’s annual conference in Aberdeen, Yousaf said “2.2 million innocent people cannot pay the price for the actions of Hamas.” 

Broadcaster Paula London wrote, “It’s not up to you, it’s up to Rishi Sunak as thankfully Scotland don’t have independence.” 

“Iran, Syria, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon are not accepting the Gazans?” another user said. 

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