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Pro-Hamas protests have European politicians worried as US watches closely

Sympathy for Hamas’ war against Israel has been witnessed in some quarters on the streets of Europe and in certain U.S. cities, sparking new debates over what critics have called misguided multiculturalism, failed integration, underfunded police forces and unchecked immigration.

The U.S. and EU-designated terrorist movement, Hamas, carried out a massacre of at least 1,400 people in southern Israel on Oct. 7 and kidnapped more than 200 people, including Americans.

Outbreaks of alleged antisemitism targeting Israel unfolded among some pro-Palestinian protesters in London and in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday as demonstrators chanted the controversial slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

An estimated 100,000 demonstrators turned out in London to align themselves with the Palestinian cause – a section of some seemingly in favor of Hamas, whose stated aims are to eradicate Israel and murder Jews.

The outbreaks of antisemitism, Islamism and anti-Western hatred across the United Kingdom and continental Europe prompted veteran campaigners against antisemitism to sound the alarm bells.

Daniel Schwammenthal, the director of the American Jewish Committee’s Transatlantic Institute in Brussels, posted on X a video of protesters entangling themselves with police and wrote, “This is London. Similar scenes in Paris, Berlin etc. Across Europe, our underpaid police officers have now to pay for decades of political failure. The failure to acknowledge & confront Islamism, antisemitism, and anti-Western values among some of our Muslim communities.”

 Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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