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Peru’s most famous mummy gets face reconstructed, revealing what Incan girl sacrificed in Andes looked like

The reconstructed head and torso of Peru’s most famous mummy was revealed in a ceremony Tuesday, unveiling what experts believe the teen girl might have looked like when she was alive. 

Produced by a team of Polish and Peruvian scientists who worked with a Swedish sculptor specializing in facial reconstructions, the silicone-made bust portraying the teen girl with pronounced cheekbones, black eyes and tanned skin was presented in a ceremony at the Andean Sanctuaries Museum of the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Arequipa, The Associated Press reported. 

National Geographic explorer Johan Reinhard first discovered the well-preserved mummy, dubbed the “Ice Maiden of Ampato” or “Juanita,” at an altitude of about 19,685 feet, near the summit of the dormant Ampato volcano during a 1995 expedition of the Andes. It is believed the girl likely was sacrificed in the Andes Mountains more than 500 years ago in a ritual meant to appease the Incan gods

The mummified girl, believed to have been around 13 to 15 years old when she was killed, had her hair, fingernails and colorful robe worn on her last day mostly preserved, but her face had weathered away with time by the time she was found, according to National Geographic. 

Reinhard, who has uncovered more than 14 Inca human sacrifices high in the Andes, including three children in an icy pit at Argentina’s Llullaillaco volcano, said scientists have been investigating aspects of Juanita’s life, such as her diet and the objects found next to her.

“These findings have helped us better understand her life and the Inca culture,” he said. “Now we can see what she really looked like, which makes her even more alive.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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