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London police increasingly confident terrorism suspect daring escape ‘clearly pre-planned’

London’s Metropolitan Police have determined that terrorism suspect Daniel Khalife’s escape from a London-area prison was “clearly pre-planned” as new details surface following the incident and police focus their search.

“It is clearly pre-planned, the fact that he could strap himself on to the bottom of the wagon,” Met Police Chief Sir Mark Rowley told news outlet LBC, calling the incident “extremely concerning.” 

He argued that such an escape was “unlikely to be something you do on the spur of the moment,” and the police have made serious inquiries to determine whether the escape was an “inside job” with help from a prison guard.

“It is a question,” Rowley mused. “Did anyone inside the prison help him? Other prisoners, guard staff? Was he helped by people outside the walls or was it simply all of his own creation?” 

“When you find a prison like Wandsworth, it really needs closing,” Taylor told Politics Hub on Sky News. “Ultimately, it’s not a suitable prison.” 

“You need jails because you need to service the courts,” he added. “We’ve actually got a crisis at the moment in prisons just in terms of population places … there are only just enough prisons, places available, at the moment for the number of prisoners who are coming in.” 

Peter Aitken is a Fox News Digital reporter with a focus on national and global news. 


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