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The legacy media decries ‘bothsidesism’ except when it involves Israel and Hamas

For decades, it was common practice for journalists to provide fair coverage towards the biggest issues of the day by presenting both sides of the argument equally, which in the U.S. often involves laying out the positions of Democrats and Republicans. 

But in the post-Trump era, offering balance is now widely seen in the legacy media as providing false equivalency where perceived wrongdoing on the Democratic side that Republicans point to is incomparable to the alleged wrongdoing on the Republican side. This has been dubbed “bothsidesism.”

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was an early pioneer in decrying “bothsidesism” when he complained in July 2016 that voters didn’t “fully appreciate” the “awfulness” that is Donald Trump, saying that the media providing any balance for such a historic presidential candidate was “an act of mind-boggling irresponsibility.”

It didn’t take long before such an ideology became mainstream. In 2019, NBC News’ Chuck Todd defended his decision not to invite any climate change skeptics for a “Meet the Press” special dedicated to the topic.


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