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Jerusalem deputy mayor demands ‘proof of life’ of hostages, assurance before Biden humanitarian aide hits Gaza

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem demanded “proof of life” for the more than 200 hostages estimated to have been taken from Israel by Hamas militants and other assurances before humanitarian aide promised by President Biden or any other government arrives in Gaza for Palestinians. 

“The first thing we need is proof of life. We haven’t had anything,” Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum told Fox News Digital. “We haven’t had the Red Cross being able to see them. We haven’t had the U.N. even talking about the hostages. What happens to our hostages as 3- and 5-month-old babies, and their mothers, mothers with three children, young women serially raped, paraded down the street, an old lady with dementia in a wheelchair, people ridiculing her down the street and abusing her. Who are these people and why?”

“This is something that I think we cannot give up on the hostages,” she said, speaking from Israel via Zoom. “We need to demand, if you want humanitarian assistance, we understand that. But we need our hostages to be a priority for all governments and for our government. And any type of humanitarian assistance has to be conditional on the assurance that our hostages, especially the injured ones, will at least be having medical treatment. And we haven’t had any assurances of anything.” 

President Biden announced Wednesday that the U.S. is providing $100 million in humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. 

“I’m all for humanitarian aid, but the problem is that the leadership in the West Bank is corrupt. So they steal from their people. They also pay terrorists pension, life pensions for every Jew they kill,” Hassan-Nahoum told Fox News Digital. “And that’s why in the United States, you guys passed the Taylor Force Act after a man called Taylor Force, who essentially was killed, murdered by Palestinian terrorists, and his killers are getting a life pension. And the American government passed a law that they wouldn’t give any money to the Palestinians until the ‘pay for slay’ policy was rescinded, which it never was. And so I understand that President Biden is doing this from a good place.”

“I think the press has a particular responsibility here, and that is that they really need to understand that Hamas is not exactly the reliable media source,” Hassan-Nahoum said. “ Why is the press reporting and taking a statement from Hamas at face value when they say that at the same time they say they didn’t kill civilians? We know what they did. We know the massacre they did… You have huge anti-Semitic threats around the world. Jews become vulnerable [to] attack when you put out an uncorroborated statement from a terrorist group.”

Like the U.S. was on 9/11, she said Israel is under attack by the same “jihadi fundamentalists who want to take the world back 500 years.” 

Danielle Wallace is a reporter for Fox News Digital covering politics, crime, police and more. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @danimwallace. 


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