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Jailed terrorist’s illicit acts with prison guard leads to ban on female workers: reports

Israel’s prison system is under scrutiny after local media reported a female prison guard had a sexual relationship with a convicted terrorist, but her lawyer says his client is the victim and faced assault by the prisoner. 

The convicted terrorist threatened to “hurt her and her family, and to ruin her life,” the guard’s lawyer Yair Ochayon, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. The lawyer added that the inmate allegedly assaulted the woman but they did not have sex. 

The Times of Israel identified the prisoner in the reported scandal as Mazen Al-Qadi, a 43-year-old convicted terrorist who was involved in a 2002 attack that left three Israelis dead in Tel Aviv. The prisoner allegedly had a cellphone he used to talk with the female guard and send photos, according to the outlet, which reported that other female guards may have also been involved with the prisoner. 

Local media reported Friday that female soldiers could no longer serve in the prison system, with officials citing an investigation into an alleged relationship between a female guard and an inmate. Initial media reports stated a female guard had a consensual relationship with the terrorist. 

The Israel Prison Service faced a separate scandal last year when senior officers at Gilboa Prison were accused of “pimping” out conscripts to prisoners.


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