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Israel remains focused on destroying Hamas despite ceasefire calls: ‘No other option’

On a tour of southern Israel Thursday aimed at boosting morale among troops preparing for a likely ground operation inside Gaza, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant promised to lead Israel to a decisive victory against Hamas.   

“We will be precise and forceful, and we will keep going until we fulfill our mission,” Gallant stated.  

What exactly that mission is has been clearly echoed throughout Israel’s military ranks up to its political leadership over the last two weeks since an elite unit of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched a surprise attack on southern Israel.  

After the murder of 1,400 people, civilians and soldiers and the kidnapping of 210 people, Israel has said it will not stop this war until Hamas, its people and its infrastructure are wiped out. 

“We knew this. That is why we built a fence to protect ourselves from them, and we spent millions of dollars to stop them reaching our territory, to stop their rockets and their attack tunnels,” he said.  

“The problem is, no matter what we do, they will always find a way around it and try to kill us in the same way ISIS killed non-believers and infidels,” Bartal said. “If we want to live in security and peace, the only way is to topple Hamas.” 

Ruth Marks Eglash is a veteran journalist based in Jerusalem, Israel. She reports and covers the Middle East and Europe. Originally from the U.K, she has also freelanced for numerous news outlets. Ruth can be followed on Twitter @reglash


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