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IDF platoon staff sergeant recounts terror at music festival in Israel: ‘We were butchered’

An Israeli man is fighting alongside his military brothers and sisters after surviving the attack on the Tribe of Nova festival in Israel, just over three miles from the Gaza Strip.

On the early morning of Saturday, October 7, Hamas terrorists paraglided into, and drove across, the Gaza-Israel border with the intention to kill Jewish festival attendees. At least 260 civilians at the concert were murdered, and at least 1,400 civilians have been killed in a barrage of airstrike attacks around Israel.

At least 199 people were kidnapped and taken as hostages into Gaza. Some of the innocent abductees included party-goers from the festival. A video posted to social media showed a China-born Israeli student, Noa Argamani, being driven away by Hamas terrorists on the back of a motorcycle. In the video, you can see her reaching out for her boyfriend, who is being held at gunpoint.

“For what, for what case? For Palestine? That’s for Palestine?” He shakily shamed the terror organization and explained that neither he, nor Israel, will forget or forgive the events of the latest war between Hamas and Israel.

And to those who do not support Israel in this fight or do not give credence to the atrocities and current events, Mor invites you to come to Be’eri, come to the kibbutzim and see for yourself the massacring of Israeli people.

“Get on a plane and see.”

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