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Hamas terror chief exposed as living in London public housing project, funded by UK taxpayers: report

A Hamas leader was discovered living in a government-subsidized London home, despite previously running the terrorist group’s operations in the West Bank, U.K. media is reporting. 

Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, is a designated Hamas member, according to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, who has been living in the U.K. for decades, a report from The Sunday Times detailed. Sawalha managed to flee to England in the 1990s and secure a British passport in the early 2000s, but continued working for Hamas, according to the report. 

Sawalha is a wanted man in Israel and would be arrested if he returns to the nation due to his designation as a member of Hamas. 

The report details that he and his wife, identified as Sawsan, 56, were granted a roughly $136,500 discount on a nearly $390,000 two-story state-funded home in London. 


Police said Saturday that one man was arrested “on suspicion of inciting racial hatred” at a pro-Palestinian protest this weekend, and have launched investigations into other instances of alleged hate crime offenses, as well as a sign reading, “I fully support Hamas.”


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