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FOX Corporation donates $1 million to United Jewish Appeal providing Israel emergency relief

FOX Corporation announced Tuesday it has donated $1 million to United Jewish Appeal (UJA) as part of relief efforts following the devastating terror attacks that occurred in Israel. 

Donations to UJA’s Israel Emergency Fund will provide cash assistance to families and individuals who’ve been killed, wounded or kidnapped as part of the Jewish Agency’s Victims of Terror Fund, trama relief and counseling to those living in bomb shelters and firsthand witnesses to terror, emergency needs to those in the line of fire, equipment for public hospitals in southern Israel where the attacks took place, enhanced services and support for Holocaust survivors and aid to military personnel and their families which covers care for the injured and costs for burial and shiva. 

The Israel Emergency Fund will offer relocation to large numbers of people, including Ethiopian and Ukrainian refugees, from Israel’s southern to northern border, charter flights to bring Israeli special forces back from abroad to rejoin their reserve units and mobilization of civilian volunteers to deploy resources on the ground. 

FOX News viewers can donate to the Israel Emergency Fund by clicking here


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