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Former Colombian President Ivan Duque calls for US to take more proactive role in Latin America

Former Colombia President Ivan Duque recently sat down with Fox News Digital to discuss Latin American foreign policy, economics, the rise of Russian and Chinese influence in the region and his work on environmental initiatives.

Duque, an attorney who represented Colombia at the Inter-American Development Bank before serving four years as a senator, won the 2018 presidential election, defeating current President Gustavo Petro and serving until 2022.

Duque has long been a strong voice condemning the rise of authoritarian and socialist regimes across the region, often linked to China and Russia. As Chinese economic and geopolitical influence has skyrocketed throughout Latin America, Duque has expressed concern that the U.S. is often standing by on the sidelines.

“One of the concerns that I have is that when people raise the issue of why Chinese companies are winning bids on so many critical and strategical infrastructure projects in Latin America… there is not a big amount of U.S. companies that are willing to bid on these projects… and I think that’s something that has to be changed,” he said.

Deforestation is also an issue in which Duque has emerged as a global leader.

“The Amazon has lost, in the last four decades, an area the equivalent to the size of France and Germany due to deforestation,” he explained, and without a change, “it is going to be more difficult, and maybe impossible, for the world to reach our global NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) by 2030, and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Duque believes that free markets hold the key to solving the planet’s pressing environmental issues, advocating “market-driven nature-based solutions.”

David Unsworth reports on Latin America. You can follow David Unsworth on Twitter @LatinAmerUpdate


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