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Family fights back in response to anti-Israel protests: ‘You cannot appease evil’

New Yorker Guy Tsadik decided to answer the protesters who have been tearing down posters of the hostages held by Hamas.

“There is good and evil, and you need to be on the side of good,” Tsadik told Fox News Digital. “The idea that there is even one counter-protester who is legitimizing these crimes should be alarming to every American. You can’t appease evil.”

Family holding up posters for missing individuals

Guy Tsadik and his family canvassed local businesses to put up posters of missing individuals in the shop windows in New York’s Long Island. (Guy Tsadik)

The 46-year-old New York businessman decided to become a street activist. Along with his wife Tami, their 9-year-old son Eitan and 21- year-old daughter Maya, the family set out and canvassed local businesses to put up the posters of the missing in the shop windows along the commercial strip that encompasses several towns on New York’s Long Island. He said that he was met with wide-ranging support from more than 100 merchants who readily displayed the poignant and heartbreaking posters in their front windows.

“I don’t think that people truly understand the evil that we have faced for years and continue to face” he said.  

“Death is their goal, while life is ours.”

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