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Education for Rwanda’s refugee children under threat due to reduced UN funding

Cuts to U.N. funding for refugees living in Rwanda is threatening the right to education for children in more than 100,000 households who have fled conflict from different East African countries to live in five camps.

A Burundian refugee, Epimaque Nzohoraho, told The Associated Press on Thursday how his son’s boarding school administrator told him his son “should not bother coming back to school,” because UNHCR had stopped paying his fees.

Nzohoraho doesn’t know how much the U.N. refugee agency had been paying, because funds were directly paid to the school, but he had “hoped education would save his son’s future.”

Rwanda’s permanent secretary in the emergency management ministry, Phillipe Babinshuti, says the refugees hosted in Rwanda shouldn’t be forgotten in light of the increasing number of global conflicts and crises.

The funding effects on education is likely to worsen school enrollment, which data from UNHCR in 2022 showed that 1.11 million of 2.17 million refugee children in the East, Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region were out of school.

“Gross enrollment stands at 40% for pre-primary, 67% for primary, 21% for secondary and 2.1% for tertiary education. While pre-primary and primary data are in line with the global trends, secondary and tertiary enrollment rates remain much lower,” the UNHCR report read in part.


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