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Cop allegedly kills ex-girlfriend with service gun after promising ‘no one’ else could have her

A police officer in Argentina allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend dead earlier this week at her workplace after barging in and claiming, “You’re mine or no one’s,” according to reports. 

Sergio Patricio Galván, a police officer in Formosa, barged into the beauty center where his ex-girlfriend Teresita Luciana López worked as a secretary Monday. After declaring she would be with him or no one else, he allegedly shot and killed her before entering a bathroom and attempting suicide. 

Galván shot himself once in the abdomen and another time in the head, but he survived and was transferred to Formosa Central Hospital for treatment, according to Argentine outlet TN. He then was heard shouting, “Look what you made me do.” 

Police learned Galván, 35, and López, 34, had “maintained a romantic relationship” but broke up in August. 

López’s sister Patricia wrote on social media that she doesn’t know how to “go on without you.” 

“Thank you, God, for the sister you lent us for these 34 years. We love you, Teresita Luciana López,” she wrote.

Peter Aitken is a Fox News Digital reporter with a focus on national and global news. 


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