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Church roof collapses while parishioners were receiving communion at child’s baptism, leaving 11 dead

A church roof collapsed in northeast Mexico, leaving eight adults and three children dead, officials said. The deceased were all members of the same family who were attending a 1-year-old’s baptism.

Some 300 people had been in the sanctuary for Mass at a Santa Cruz church in Ciudad Madero on Sunday, moments before the roof collapsed, leaving 100 people injured and dozens trapped. By Monday evening, authorities had cleared the site and revealed the number of deceased, saying no other victims were found.

Monica Segura, who was standing near the church when its roof fell Sunday, said the collapse “happened in a matter of seconds” when a “beam fell and immediately the roof fell.”

“I was trapped,” Segura said. “I had my other (2-year-old) baby in my arms. Someone helped me get the baby out and I was able to get out a window and then we returned to look for my other girl. She was trapped in the rubble.” She said her 1-year-old nephew suffered a broken arm.

Villarreal clarified that the church had no previously reported structural issues.

“It was over 50 years old, it was here functioning and operating with no problem, with no sign of any defect,” Villarreal said.

Ciudad Madero is about 310 miles south of Brownsville, Texas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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