Sunday, May 19, 2024
HomemarylandViral Maryland cop caught in second racy patrol car tryst: report

Viral Maryland cop caught in second racy patrol car tryst: report

A second video allegedly showing embattled Maryland police officer Francesco Marlett carrying out another tryst in the back of his patrol car has reportedly emerged on social media. 

Marlett, who is married with kids, was suspended from duties at the Prince George’s County Police Department this week after a viral video showed him kissing a woman before the pair headed to the back of a patrol car for an estimated 40 minutes. 

Now, another video has surfaced online allegedly showing Marlett’s girlfriend Virginia Pinto climbing into the back of his patrol car, the New York Post reported. 

The second video, which was also posted to TikTok, shows a woman heading toward a marked police vehicle before turning back to her own car to grab something. She is then seen running back to the police car and jumping in the backseat. 

Once the Internal Affairs Division wraps up, an administrative charging committee will recommend to the chief whether Marlett should face disciplinary action, according to the police department. 


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