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Victim of teacher who had another student’s baby gets big payout from school district

A southern California school district – which has suffered financially from lawsuits stemming from at least three former teachers accused of sexual abuse – will pay out another $2.25 million to a second victim of Laura Whitehurst, a former English teacher who was impregnated by another student.

The settlement brings the total price tag of the teacher’s dalliances to $8.25 million, paid out to her victims by the Redlands Unified School District since Whitehurst’s 2013 arrest, the the Southern California News Group reported Sunday.

Since 1999, per CBS News, at least 50 students have accused more than 25 teachers of sexual conduct within the school district. In April, the California branch of the Department of Justice opened a probe into the slew of reported sexual assaults at the school, according to another CBS report.

There had previously been a $6 million settlement involving the teenager who fathered a child with Whitehurst, a payout that Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, the law firm representing two of Whitehurst’s victims, called “the largest single-victim settlement against a school district in a sexual abuse case in California’s history.”

Per the wording of the policy, school district staff and volunteers are forbidden from “intruding on a student’s physical and emotional boundaries unless the intrusion is necessary to serve a legitimate educational purpose.”

Although they are not criminally reportable actions, the policy forbids teachers from addressing students with pet names, singling out particular students for personal attention or friendship, transporting any student in a personal vehicle in a non-emergency situation and having personal contact with students via cellphone.

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