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Chicago thieves target Neiman Marcus, GameStop amid Rittenhouse protests

Thieves reportedly targeted a Neiman Marcus store on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and a GameStop on the South Side on Friday night as protesters took the streets to oppose Kyle Rittenhouse’s’ acquittal.

Chicago police wouldn’t confirm if the thefts were related to the protests, according to FOX 32 in Chicago. 

At the Neiman Marcus, a group of 15 men reportedly rushed into the department store and left in three vehicles with their stolen merchandise.  

Protesters across the country expressed their disapproval of the jury’s decision in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Friday. The 18-year-old Illinois resident shot and killed two protesters and wounded another last year during a protest in Kenosha that followed the police-involved shooting and wounding of Jacob Blake.

Kenosha is about 66 miles north of Chicago, along the western shore of Lake Michigan.


The protests in Chicago remained largely peaceful, according to FOX 32. 

“We have to protest tonight to show these right-wingers, to show the system that we won’t back down,” demonstrator Shavvir Manjee told the station. “Because the precedent that they’re setting is that these armed vigilantes can show up to our protests, show up to where we’re making demands, and threaten us and intimidate us. And we’re here to say we won’t be intimidated.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged protesters to be peaceful earlier Friday. 

“Under our constitutional system, we must respect the jury’s decision,” Lightfoot said in a statement after the verdict, according to FOX 32. But she asserted that Rittenhouse’s conduct in August 2020 was “reckless, dangerous, and showed an utter disregard for human life.” 

“No one should ever take the law into their own hands, or attempt to make themselves the judge, jury, and executioner,” the Democrat said, giving her condolences to the victims’ families. 


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