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US Catholic Church under explicit attack, archbishop warns — but says there’s hope

“I think we can’t be overly bombastic either. I mean, we have this idea of discernment. Where do you have to draw a line and take a strong stand? Because that can’t be overdone either — because after a while, one will lose credibility, and it might have a reverse effect,” he insisted. 

For Catholics unable to find political representation or candidates that adhere properly to their ethics, the archbishop suggests they seek offices themselves.

“It’s the role of the laypeople to be participating in the political process,” Cordileone said. “So run for office — run for local school board, their city council — and work up the system.”

Perhaps most important, Cordileone believes, is raising faithful children “so that they can be well-formed, intellectually-rooted and able to pursue a career of community service or even in politics — to be the force that changes the culture by their own participation.”

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