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Polly Klaas’ father calls Gov. Newsom ‘a pig’ for death penalty moratorium

The father of Polly Klaas, now known as the first missing girl on the internet when she disappeared from a sleepover in 1993, says California Gov. Gavin Newsom is “a pig” for his 2019 decision to halt the death penalty in his state.

Richard Allen Davis, who is locked up at San Quentin State Prison, was sentenced to death for kidnapping Polly, who was 12 at the time, from a sleepover at knifepoint and then strangling her.

“Newsom is a pig,” Marc Klaas, who runs a nonprofit to prevent crimes against children called Klaas Kids, told Fox News Digital. “In 2019, he declared a death penalty moratorium in California. He told me, among other things, that he didn’t want to be the governor who executes an innocent person.”

Under Newsom’s moratorium, no one in California can be executed while he is in the governor’s office. Klaas said Newsom’s order displays “advocacy for the worst and most dangerous people in our society.”

“On the other side of that coin, the proliferation of child porn has emboldened a new generation of pedophiles to use the internet to access and victimize children,” Klaas explained. “They anonymously infiltrate chat rooms, gaming sites and other online destinations that can leave children vulnerable.”

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