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Police hunt serial sex assault suspect who escaped custody in second attempt

A Tennessee man accused of raping women and children has escaped prison in his second getaway attempt, according to local and federal authorities who are now searching for the suspect.

Sean Williams, former owner of Glass and Concrete Contracting LLC in Johnson City, was most recently charged with 20 counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, three counts of child rape and three counts of sexual battery stemming from three separate cases in Washington County. He also faces dozens of federal child sexual abuse charges.

“The U.S. Marshal Service, along with the FBI, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, are working closely with local law enforcement agencies in the area to continue ground-search efforts to determine if he’s still on foot in the area and see what other leads we come up with,” U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Tennessee David Jolley told Fox News Digital. “We’re continuing to field calls from the public on possible sightings.… All of them, since about noon yesterday, turned out to be suspicious activity unrelated to Sean Williams.”

Williams was being transported from the Laurel County Correctional Center in Kentucky back to his home state of Tennessee when he allegedly kicked open the rear window of a vehicle and ran. He was wearing a “light tan” prison uniform, and he may have shaved his head, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee.

Dahl is now acting as a whistleblower in raising awareness about JCPD’s alleged mishandling of the victims’ cases and concerns. She has filed her own lawsuit against Johnson City and a disclosure with the Justice Department, according to Whistleblower Aid.

An independent audit, commissioned by the city, of JCPD’s handling of sexual assault appeared to confirm Dahl’s concerns. Findings concluded that JCPD had “material deficiencies” that “can hinder the ability to collect necessary evidence for a complete and accurate investigation,” according to a city press release.

The department’s reports “were found to be inconsistent, ineffective, and incomplete” and its “process of closing investigations is flawed and inaccurate,” among other findings, the press release continued.

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