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Oldest daughter of Utah parenting blogger accused of child abuse speaks out for 1st time since mom’s arrest

The oldest daughter of Utah parenting blogger Ruby Franke, who was arrested and charged with child abuse last month, has spoken out for the first time since her mother was apprehended. 

Franke and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, who together ran a parenting and lifestyle YouTube channel, were both charged with six counts of child abuse after police rescued two of Franke’s six children from Hildebrandt’s home Aug. 30. Authorities said the children appeared malnourished and neglected.

“There’s literally not even words to describe how upside down my life has become,” Shari Franke, Ruby’s oldest daughter, wrote in an Instagram post this week. 

“I’ve cried, had an infinite number of panic attacks, had way too much ice-cream, and yet life goes on. Therapy has literally saved me, but God has too. My life is somehow becoming more beautiful and fulfilling, despite all the terrible things going on.”

“When the world accuses you of being the one thing you know you aren’t, please know you are not alone. I look around me at the fruits of being a nurturing mother and my heart is full of gratitude and joy,” she wrote. “The world creates chaos by labeling things that don’t reflect Truth. If you are misunderstood, labeled, or accused- remember The Truth.”

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