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Homedigital originals'No stress. No strain': Arizona retirees praise the financial security and safety...

‘No stress. No strain’: Arizona retirees praise the financial security and safety of this retirement hotspot

This Arizonan retirement couple commended their new home state for its safe, costly neighborhoods with close access to medical care and year-round warm weather, and said they’re surrounded by Californians who bailed out.

“We’re doing just great,” Gary Michell, a 70-year-old who moved to Arizona two years ago, told Fox News Digital. “There’s no stress, no strain.” 

Gary’s 67-year-old wife, Carmen, similarly praised the move. 

“I really love this place,” Carmen said. “I feel safe. We’re not moving from here.”

Carmen said she was very happy with their decision to move to Arizona and plans to stay for the long haul. 

“I hope not too many people move here because we like the way it’s going,” Carmen said. “God gave us this home, and we’re going to stay here.” 

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Megan Myers is an associate producer/writer with Fox News Digital Originals. 


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