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NJ Jewish high school prohibits college reps from recruiting students unless university has safety plan

A Jewish high school is taking extra precautions to keep students safe amid the rise of antisemitism by refusing to allow college recruiters to come speak to students unless their university has a campus safety plan in place. 

Rabbi Joshua Kahn is the rosh yeshiva at the Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC) in Teaneck, New Jersey, and he joined “America’s Newsroom” to discuss how the school has taken action to make sure its college-bound graduates stay protected.

“We’re looking for a process, a process by which… [colleges] articulate a commitment from the highest of levels, from their school administration to protecting our students, as well as an action plan,” Kahn told co-host Dana Perino Wednesday. “Our statement stays clear of politics intentionally and focuses purely on safety, which is a topic that I think is universal, and it’s pretty basic to being able to value an education.”

Kahn said that the new rule to ensure the safety of students was not something that was “planned for” but is vital to implement moving forward as antisemitism continues to spread on campuses nationwide. 

“It is not something we planned for, but it is something that’s of critical importance to us,” Kahn said. “We view our students as if they’re our children, and we need to know that we’re going to send them to safe places, places that will care for them.”

FOX News’ Stepheny Price and Brian Flood contributed to this report. 

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