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HomelifestyleNew York house 'fire' turns out to be 'amazing' and 'realistic' Halloween...

New York house ‘fire’ turns out to be ‘amazing’ and ‘realistic’ Halloween display: fire department

Their Halloween display was lit!

Or at least that’s what firefighters in Glens Falls, New York, thought last weekend when they responded to reports of a house fire. 

Along with lit up jack-o’-lanterns and a creepy-looking top-hatted figure standing on the front porch, a flame effect inside all three of the home’s front-facing windows made the house look as if it was engulfed in flames, a video shared by the owner with the Glens Falls Fire Department showed. 

The fire department added that the display on Sanford Street “will be up Friday and Saturday nights for the public’s entertainment until the end of the month.” 

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