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Montana man whose jaw was bit off by a grizzly bear is recovering, according to family

A Montana man who was mauled by a grizzly bear that bit off his lower jaw is doing well at a hospital in Salt Lake City but has a long recovery ahead, his family said Monday.

Rudy Noorlander, the owner of a snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle rental business in Big Sky, “is projected to be in the hospital for surgeries until October” after the attack last Friday, his daughter KateLynn Davis said via Facebook.

Noorlander was helping two hunters who rented ATVs from his business as they tried to find a deer they had shot in southwestern Montana, according to Davis.

The agency is still investigating, but believes the grizzly bear was protecting an animal carcass it had cached nearby.

“By all indications this was a defensive encounter,” Jacobsen said.

The mauling happened a week after a female grizzly that fatally attacked a woman near West Yellowstone in July was killed by wildlife officials after the bear and a cub broke into a house near West Yellowstone. Officials say that bear had also mauled and injured a man in Idaho in 2020.


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