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Homenew mexicoMom living in 'haunted house' reaches out to previous owner and gets...

Mom living in ‘haunted house’ reaches out to previous owner and gets eerie response: report

A woman living in a “haunted” 1920s New Mexico home says her cat and son “see” a haunting presence.

Rene Valdez said her son told her about “a man that I see in my room … with an old hat that peeks in from the bathroom,” she told Inside Edition.

Valdez reportedly spoke to the previous owner on Facebook, who said, “Oh, I’ve been expecting you.” 

“She’s like ‘my son sees a man with a hat,’ and her son described what our son sees, so that was weird and scared the c— out of me,” Valdez told Inside Edition.

Valdez, her girlfriend, her son and the pets still live in the house and plan to stay there with their shadowy roommate.

“I feel like I’m in its space more than it’s in mine in a way,” Valdez said. “Whatever it is, is here before us. 

“They’re not bothering me, so I’m going to let it go. I kind of love him,” she said. “Like in his own way he’s like the icing on the cake of this creepy 1920s house that I bought.”

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