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Mom of Israeli woman killed by Hamas worries for American friends amid ‘antisemitic’ demonstrations

The bereaved mother of an Israeli festival-goer gunned down by Hamas militants earlier this month is urging Americans to “wake up” about the terrorists’ support and told Fox News Digital she will “shout . . . until they start listening.”

“I turned New York into my home. I made a lot of Americans my friends. Now, I worry for them,” Hannie Ricardo told Fox News Digital amid anti-Israeli demonstrations across the city and other parts of the U.S.

Ricardo, a former lecturer at New York’s Yeshiva University pursuing a master’s degree at Hunter College, said she was slated to move into a new apartment last Sunday. Her youngest daughter, Oriya, had plans to visit.

“But instead of that, I buried my kid on Sunday,” the 58-year-old said.

Ricardo, who has a master’s degree in Jewish studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, called this month’s attack on Israel the “Holocaust of 2023.” 

“My mom was a Holocaust survivor. She passed away a year ago. My father came over before [the creation of the] state of Israel. . . . Now, I’m a mother of one girl that didn’t survive the Holocaust of 2023,” Ricardo said. “I have a lot of history with Holocausts. Now, I have my own personal one.”

Ricardo’s message to people opposing Israel?

“Wake up and start doubting.” 

“Americans, a lot of Americans, especially in the law schools [like] Harvard, Yale, NYU, Columbia, Georgetown . . . they are rewriting history,” she said. “Anti-Israel is simply the modern antisemitic thing, it’s no different.”

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