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Mob of looters ‘terrorized’ California 7-Eleven store on video: authorities

Dozens of vandals in Northern California were caught on video looting a 7-Eleven convenience store earlier this month, authorities said Friday.

The chaos unfolded on Oct. 8 at the store on Elkhorn Boulevard in Rio Linda, just outside of Sacramento, after a nearby sideshow, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said. A sideshow is an illegal street racing event where drivers perform dangerous stunts like “donuts” and “burnouts” on public streets.

Surveillance video from inside the store shows individuals streaming through broken plate glass windows, rushing down aisles and jumping over the counter.

The mob was seen stealing cases of beer, cigarette cartons and other items from the store. Many of the individuals were seen covering their faces.

Authorities asked anyone with information about the incident to contact the sheriff’s office at (916) 874-5115 or the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357).


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