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Minnesota judge rejects deal that would have avoided jail time for man involved in deadly carjacking

A Minnesota judge has taken the rare move of rejecting a negotiated plea agreement that would have allowed a man to avoid prison time for his role in a deadly attempted carjacking in Minneapolis.

Hennepin County District Judge Michael Burns said Monday that he didn’t believe 20-year-old Husayn Braveheart was “particularly amenable to probation” or that Braveheart had a “significantly lesser role” in the crime, as prosecutors and his public defender said. Burns ordered a trial unless another agreement is reached before a Dec. 14 hearing, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Minnesota judges rarely turn aside plea agreements, but they’ve done it twice this month in Hennepin County.

Prosecutors and Braveheart’s public defenders said Braveheart played a lesser role in the murder because Ohsman admitted to firing the fatal shot. But Burns said Braveheart shot at Markey as he drove away, endangering the public.


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