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Homelos angelesLAPD football team faces disturbing sex abuse claims, beer can attack: lawsuit

LAPD football team faces disturbing sex abuse claims, beer can attack: lawsuit

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating claims that members of its football team sexual assaulted and hazed a rookie in 2009. 

An unidentified LAPD detective filed a lawsuit against the city on October 16, claiming that when he was a rookie in February of 2009, he was subjected to hazing and sexual assault in a locker room after football practice, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The detective first reported the allegations to the L.A. Police Commission’s inspector in March of this year, which was followed by the lawsuit this month. 

“All employees are expected to uphold the same standards of conduct off-duty as on-duty,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said in a statement this week, saying the investigation was launched when the department first learned of the allegations. “Should the investigation reveal any truth to these allegations, those responsible will be held accountable.”

Morrison said his client has carried “guilt and shame and humiliation” on a daily basis since the alleged attack and that the cop felt “like he was in a gang that he could not leave without putting himself in danger.”

The attorney added that his client recently ran into one of the alleged suspects in the assault, who told the detective he was a different person and was shocked the detective had never spoken up to “rat them out.” The interaction spurred the detective to take action, according to the LA Times citing Morrison. 


The statute of limitations for criminal charges has expired, according to the outlet. The civil case alleges assault, negligence and emotional distress that has caused post-traumatic stress syndrome. 

The detective left the team in 2009 after an injury prevented him from playing.


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