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Jimmy Hoffa may be buried at site of demolished MLB stadium: cold case group

A nonprofit group of cold case crime investigators believes it has located a site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

The Case Breakers said a “a dying police sergeant’s scribbled instructions on an ace of spades” playing card helped lead their years-long investigation to the old site of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin, according to a Wednesday press release.

The alleged burial site is next to the current Milwaukee Brewers stadium, American Family Field, where they believe Hoffa’s body lies in a spot under where the demolished stadium’s third-base line previously stood.

Jim Zimmerman, a 13-year member of Case Breakers and a former police officer, is credited with locating the ace of spades playing card which they say was written by a dying police sergeant believed to be involved with Hoffa’s kidnapping.

“Independent sources in three states convinced the volunteer investigators that CSI forensics will reveal Hoffa’s remains at a little league field, in the shadow of Milwaukee’s MLB stadium,” the press release stated. Three credible witnesses are said to have claimed that six years before the demolition of Milwaukee County Stadium, Hoffa’s body was moved from another location and “secretly buried in 1995 under this old stadium’s 3rd base.”

Over the years, several excavations have taken place in the search for Hoffa’s body without a positive result, including a search under a New Jersey bridge in 2022.

Hoffa was legally declared dead in 1982. 

Fox News Digital’s Eric Shawn contributed to this report

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