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Investigators crack 1972 cold-case murder of 9-year-old girl: ‘It’s finally over’

Georgia authorities have solved the 51-year-old cold-case murder of 9-year-old Debbie Lynn Randall, who disappeared while walking home from a laundromat in 1972.

The Cobb County District Attorney’s Office on Monday named William B. Rose of Mableton, who was 24 at the time, as the suspect in her killing. He took his own life two years after the heinous crime.

“The loss of a loved one, especially one of such a tender age, is difficult to comprehend. This family has waited for decades for an answer,” Cobb County DA Flynn D. Broady Jr. said in a Monday statement. “This information will not replace the pain of losing Debbie Lynn. We are very grateful for the unwavering dedication, persistence and commitment from Det. Ron Alter of the Cold Case Unit and all our partner agencies to provide some closure to this case.”

Broady added that the “mission” of the DA’s office is to “deliver justice regardless of how much time has passed.”

Investigators determined that Rose had family members who lived in the same apartment complex as the 9-year-old victim. 

Alter noted that children living in the apartment complex frequently played outside. Rose had likely seen Randall before and possibly abducted her “as a crime of opportunity,” Alter said. He added that Rose was not on authorities’ “radar at all” as a potential suspect in the case. His only priors included an alcohol-related arrest.

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