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How a poker game in jail could solve a missing person case in Ohio

A group of Ohio activists is betting on an unusual tool to help find new leads in missing persons cases – playing-card sets that will be distributed to local jail inmates.

Cleveland Missing, a nonprofit focused on helping families of missing persons, created a deck of cards featuring 52 cases from northern Ohio.

“We picked cold cases, and tried to stay between (year) 2000 to 2017 or 2019. We wanted them to be older cases that don’t have a lot of traction anymore,” Devan Althen told Fox News Digital.

“And so from there, we narrowed it down by the ones that had the most details to be able to give out there and then picked ones where the families are still actively looking for them… I really wanted to honor those families as much as I could.”

To leave tips for police on missing persons in and around Cleveland, call 216-623-7697 or email

Cleveland Missing is located at 2937 West 25th St. in Cleveland and can be reached at 216-232-6470. 

Chris Eberhart is a crime and US news reporter for Fox News Digital. Email tips to or on Twitter @ChrisEberhart48.


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