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Halloween skeletons pole dancing on a stop sign cause uproar in Utah city: ‘All in the name of fun’

A Utah man’s pole dancing skeleton display has residents picking sides after city officials called for the risqué display to be taken down.

Christopher Fujishin’s skeleton display featured two skeletal onlookers “watching” a skeleton with a purple wig “dancing” on a stop sign near his home in Grantsville, Utah.

“Maybe a little risqué for some people but it’s all in the name of fun,” Fujishin told KSTU.

Strip-pole display

City officials said in a Facebook post that the display violated city code by using the street sign for its dancing pole. (City of Grantsville via Facebook)

Fujishin said that the only backlash he received was a neighbor who cut the display down from the traffic sign.

However, that changed after the City of Grantsville took the matter to Facebook, calling for the owner of the display to take the display down by 9 p.m.

Neighbors began bringing over more skeletons, music speakers and lights to expand the display.

“We look forward to keeping this going and getting a little more elaborate as we go,” Fujishin said.

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