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Dozens fall ill at teen’s sushi restaurant birthday bash, but raw fish may not be to blame

Eleven 13-year-olds went out to a birthday lunch Saturday and wound up being rushed to the hospital after an apparent food poisoning sickened more than two dozen people, according to New York health officials.

But the culprit doesn’t appear to be raw fish or any other type of meat, according to the birthday girl’s mother.

“The common denominator seemed to be the rice,” Arial Arias told Fox News Digital on Monday. The girls ordered different meals — chicken, beef, vegetables — but they all came with rice.

The unsettling scene left victims “projectile vomiting” inside and outside the Kumo Sushi and Steakhouse, a popular Long Island restaurant near Stony Brook University, according to witnesses.

“Food poisoning in a restaurant is always a completely preventable thing,” he said. “It doesn’t just happen. It happens when someone does something wrong.”

As for the teens, they are “on the mend” but exhausted after the experience, Arias said Monday.

“My daughter still will not eat,” she said. “She doesn’t want to go out to eat after this… It was very traumatic.”

Next year, she said, maybe she’ll cook at home.

Michael Ruiz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @mikerreports


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