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Chicago residents enraged by migrant housing plan displacing seniors, youth: ‘Blatant disrespect’

Chicagoans are enraged after it was revealed the city plans to house hundreds of migrants at a local park, displacing youth and senior programs as the Windy City continues to battle an influx of illegal immigrants. 

Linda Johnson was one of the hundreds of residents who attended a protest against the move on Tuesday. She joined “America’s Newsroom” to discuss why she is outraged by the intention to re-purpose Amundsen Park field. 

“They’re trying to put a Band-Aid on a leaky fountain, and the thing about that, it does not work and they don’t have a plan,” she said Friday. “Now, mind you, it is unfair to those that are coming in, and it’s unfair to us that they are displacing in the park district.”

Johnson reiterated the notion that city officials should be consulting residents before making major decisions that could impact the community, using their own tax dollars, as it pertains to public safety. 

“We pay taxes for the parks, schools and everything,” she continued. “And the thing about us paying taxes, my kids, not even in public school now. Take it off my bill. But you don’t. But to make a decision without the community is blatant disrespect.”

“This is not a city where you could dictate to us,” Johnson said. “You cannot just be a dictatorship to the people in the community. I’m retired. I’ve got time for this. I am going to make some noise.”

“I’m going to fight for our city,” she continued. 

FOX News’ Paulina Dedaj contributed to this report. 

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