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Hometrue crimeBryan Kohberger case: Idaho judge allows cameras to remain in courtroom

Bryan Kohberger case: Idaho judge allows cameras to remain in courtroom

At a recent hearing for Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, Latah County District Court Judge John Judge urged the media and other courtroom spectators to “have some dignity and some restraint” while stating he was not going to ban cameras from the proceedings.

“I haven’t put a decision out yet, but what I’m going to do is take control of the cameras in the courtroom; I’m not going to ban cameras in the courtroom,” he said at the start of a hearing Friday. “But I need to have more control over what the cameras are doing and what media, or people who are not media, are doing with the filming.”

Judge has taken issue in the past with how the media and other spectators have recorded and used courtroom images – and both the prosecution and defense urged him in court filings to kick cameras out. The move set the table for a constitutional balancing act as the court weighs the public’s First Amendment rights alongside Kohberger’s Sixth Amendment and 14th Amendment rights to a fair trial.

Kohberger said through an attorney after his arrest in Pennsylvania that he looked forward to being exonerated.

Fox News’ Mitch Picasso contributed to this report.

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