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Austin man claims he was drugged, robbed of thousands of dollars after night downtown

An Austin, Texas man claims he was drugged and robbed during a night out on the town, and now he is trying to get reimbursed thousands of dollars that went missing that night, according to reports.

FOX 7 in Austin reported that the man, who only identified himself as Steve, said he was in Downtown Austin with a group of friends, and were “in no way to the point of blackout drinking.”

At the end of the night, Steve and his friends were at a cocktail bar on 4th Street called Estelle’s.

He told the station one of his last memories of the night was FaceTiming his cousin to let him know he was getting into an Uber.

“I’m hoping this message gets out to the public, at least to let them know that there is activity like this happening,” he said. “Anyone is really eligible to be a victim of this crime.”

The station reached out to Chase, which echoed what the letter stated in terms of Steve’s PIN being used without any invalid attempts when the ATM transactions were made.

“Clients can sign up for free account alerts on,” the representative said.

Greg Wehner is a breaking news reporter for Fox News Digital.


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