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Armed homeowner steps in after girlfriend’s estranged husband allegedly breaks in: police

An Oklahoma man reportedly stepped in when his girlfriend’s estranged husband allegedly broke into their home, leading to one neighbor praising the state’s gun laws.

“People just be breaking into other people’s houses over here and… I guess that’s what’s going on. And I’m just glad that it’s open carry in this state because people need to be able to protect [themselves],” Midwest City, Oklahoma, resident only identified as Gabrielle told OKC Fox. 

Oklahoma is a permitless carry state, meaning law-abiding residents 21 years old or older are permitted to open or concealed carry firearms without a license.

Gabrielle is the neighbor of a home on Flannery Drive that was broken into Wednesday morning. The affidavit for the shooting states the male and female resident were home when they heard their dog’s barking, prompting the male resident to go inspect, OKC Fox reported.

Delarosa was charged with first-degree burglary and stalking.


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